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Custom Shower and Bathroom Renovations

At Lane's Custom, we specialize in crafting stunning and functional custom shower designs tailored to your unique vision. We possess a deep understanding of tile installation, waterproofing methods, current and timeless trends to ensure a beautiful and leak-proof shower you'll love. We utilize top-of-the-line materials, including anti-microbial grout to prevent mold, superior polymer modified thinset, and topical waterproof shower systems to deliver lasting durability and peace of mind.


Back Splash Installations

Elevate your kitchen with a stunning tile backsplash by Lane's Custom. Our skilled installers meticulously craft beautiful and durable backsplashes that perfectly complement your existing design. Each install is finished with a bead of silicone at all inside corners that is color matched to the grout.

We use high-quality materials and offer options of stain proof grout for a lasting and easy-to-maintain focal point in your kitchen.

Flooring Installations

With any new floor installation, beautiful and long-lasting floors begin with a thorough subfloor prep. Our expert ensures your subfloor is level, clean, and free of imperfections to provide a solid foundation for your new flooring. This critical step prevents future issues like warping, cracking, and uneven wear, allowing you to enjoy your dream floor for the long haul.

Your Tile Experts

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